There are a few activities within the local area of Devil's Bridge which is only a short walk away from Tynrhyd Retreat.

Vale of Rheidol

It is possible to travel on the Vale of Rheidol Railway to Aberystwyth and back again. They recently restored the stations which can be found on the journey up to Devil's Bridge. This is to give passengers who wish to explore the area an opportunity to walk along the many walks that can be found within the valley. It is possible to change what would be a journey to Aberystwyth and back again in to a day trip by including going for a walk within the valley by alighting at one of the restored stations. More information about opening times and prices can be found on their website -

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Devil's Bridge Falls

Devil's Bridge Falls offer two different types of walks. One takes around 45 minutes to complete whilst the other only takes about 10 minutes. The longer walk takes you around to see the waterfall and the three bridges on top of each other. The shorter walk takes you to see the three bridges but not the waterfalls. Instead you will be able to see the round pot-hole shapes in the rock and if you look closely you will be able to see the different layers within the rock. More information about the best time to go and prices can be found on their website -

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Nant yr Arian

Nant yr Arian was a forest which sits high above Aberystwyth. It used to be a forest until they had to cut down all the trees due to disease. They have replanted trees so it will be a forest once again one day. This doesn't stop the area from being a beautiful place to go for a walk. There are many different walks that are possible ranging from one that takes half an hour which circles the lake, to one that takes you to the top which will allow you to see down the valley towards Aberystwyth. If you're there during the afternoon you will have the opportunity to witness the Red Kites being fed by a member of staff. You will be able to watch them circle above when its almost feeding time and then see them sweep down to pick up the food on the ground. Nant yr Arian is also popular with mountain bikers due to the terrain and the challenges which they face. More information can be found on the following website - 


Silver Mountain Experience

The Silver Mountain Experience is near Nant yr Arian and offers a range of attractions. They offer two attractions for the fearless explorers which are a live action show Time Lab: History Alive and the Black Chasm. The Black Chasm is rated 12A due to it being one of the scariest attractions in Wales so it isn't for the faint-hearted. Their live action shows are hosted by members of staff who bring the history of the mines to life in a fascinating but unexpected way. They also have attractions for the younger visitors one of which is the Dragon's Tale tour. This is also led by a tour guide who goes in to character ready for the tours. This tour is suitable for those over the age of four who aren't quite ready for the thrilling Black Chasm experience. Another attraction suitable for the younger individuals is Woo Hoo Woods, here they will be given the opportunity to enjoy some den building, play music on the Giant's Pan Pipes and explore the Tangle-Foot Maze. More information about the Silver Mountain Experience can be found on their website -

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Magic of Life Butterfly House

The Magic of Life Butterfly House is located in Cwmrheidol and is a quarter of an hour drive from Tynrhyd. They have hundreds of colourful butterflies, several giant caterpillars and a collection of other bizarre insects. Along with the wide range of creatures they have there there is also a collection of rare and endangered plants growing there. Dotted around the house there are bottle lids which contain sweet water which the butterflies drink. They have been placed around the house to allow visitors to dip their finger in it to then have the opportunity to have a butterfly sitting on their finger whilst they drink the remnants off. More information about the Magic of Life Butterfly House can be found on their website -

Rheidol Riding Centre

Rheidol Riding Centre is a family run British Horse Society Approved Riding, Training and Examination Centre. They purchased the farm back in 1991 and converted it in to an equestrian business which has thrived since then. If you are planning on staying a full week they offer lessons and trekking/hacking for a whole week. Experience isn't required as they will ensure that the lessons are catered to your ability. They will build up your experience and confidence so you are able to go on an afternoon excursion for around 2.5 hours to finish the week off. More information about Rheidol Riding Centre can be found on their website -

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Wedi cael penwythnos lysh. Diolch o galon

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