Tynrhyd Estate aims to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Sustainability Policy

Tynrhyd Estate recognises its environmental responsibility and is wholly committed to working towards a sustainable future, and being an environmentally friendly venue.

As we aim to create a sustainable future we shall work hard with the following building blocks in mind:

  • We will take responsibility for our impact on the environment

  • We shall promote environmental best practice

  • We shall improve financial results without compromising on guest satisfaction

  • We will endeavour as always to implement and adhere to measures that help sustain our local environment for future generations.

Renewable Energy

  • Computer controlled biomass central heating system.

  • Efficient log burners

  • Locally sourced logs or timber from our own estate

  • All lighting low voltage LED

Insulation/heat optimisation

  • All outside-facing walls insulated with 100mm insulation

  • Extra external and internal insulation

  • 100mm Insulation in all roof spaces

  • Double glazed units throughout

  • Underfloor insulation and computer-controlled water heating system


  • Biodisc biological sewerage system, with normal flushing loos.

  • Own water supply low-impact disinfection using UV filtration. 


  • Code for Sustainable Homes – CSH Level 4

  • Both buildings have been constructed using, where possible, recycled materials.

  • Glass, paper and plastic recycled.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products used.

  • Recycled printer paper.

  • Engineering skills used to repair and recycle as needed.

  • 8 wheelie bins on a 4-week emptying cycle.

  • Computers, printers and electrical equipment are switched off at night.

We encourage our customers to help with our environment by making them aware of these issues via this webpage. Find out more about Recycling in Wales - http://www.recycleforwales.org.uk/

Tynrhyd Estate Facts

  • We avoid the use of paper as much as possible and aim to send quotes and invoices via Email and PDF.

  • We re-use waste paper.

  • We avoid unnecessary travel using instant messaging, telephone and eMail.

  • We aim to ensure that all areas of our business operate a healthy and safe environment for visitors and contractors.

  • We aim to cut out the middle man and seek to develop long-term, direct relationships, whenever possible. Ongoing information can be found on the Blog page.

  • We are committed to Sustainable Tourism - http://gov.wales/docs/drah/publications/070901-sustainable-tourism-en.pdf

  • We use local suppliers as much as possible – helping to support our local community and reducing carbon emissions from deliveries.

  • We use Myddfai Trading Company Ltd products in guest accommodation. It is a social enterprise helping adults with learning difficulties; and products are cruelty free.

Our Guests

Tynrhyd Estate will endeavour to promote Green Tourism wherever possible. We welcome our guests support in helping to conserve our natural environment. We suggest everyone can play a part in reducing the impact on our environment:

  • Reduce, Re-use & Recycle - say no thank you to extra packaging, bags, plastic, microbeads.

  • Follow the Countryside Code and take care of the natural environment.

  • See local, buy local & eat local - air miles food, out of its local environment growing season, is a significant pollutant.

  • Healthy living - Walk or cycle instead of driving, give your heart a workout and enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Switch lights off when you go out; close windows and doors when heating is off.

  • Cruelty Free – Avoid using products tested on animals, search out cruelty free brands instead; make it a way of life.

Want to know your Carbon Footprint? Try the Carbon Footprint Calculator:

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