Business Ethics

We believe in running and developing our business in a sustainable way, for the benefit of those who work in it.  We believe that our business interests are best served by behaving responsibly towards all  our stakeholders; clients, staff, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

We believe that we have a responsibility to adhere to the highest standards of behaviour and care. Our Ethical Business Policy  sets out the universal standards of individual and collective behaviour that we seek to apply to all of our activities. 

The general principles which underpin this policy align with our corporate values; we are Committed, Expert, Passionate, Responsible and Supportive.  Therefore, we will:-

  • Implement policies and procedures to prevent slavery and human trafficking in all parts of our business, and within our supply chain. 
  • Deal with clients with integrity, offering good value, high quality advice and prompt redress if something goes wrong.
  • Embrace the aspirations of our clients  making positive, enthusiastic and timely contributions and deploying the best customer service possible
  • Conduct our relationships with suppliers with honesty, fairness and mutual trust.
  • Be fair and honest in our dealings with Contractors, select them objectively and administer their contracts judiciously.
  • Comply fully with our legal obligations and aim to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the communities in which we work.
  • Monitor our strategy for ethical performance on a regular basis  

This policy aims to outline how we do business. We recognise that it would be impossible to produce a comprehensive set of rules that cover every situation that we might encounter in the course of our work. Instead, this policy seeks to provide the framework within which we strive to operate, and some guidelines as to what may or may not be acceptable. We commit to reviewing, updating and amending our ethical business strategy on a regular basis to comply with best practice and the legislative framework.

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