There are many different activities for individuals of all ages to do within the local area and further. Whether it's a trip to the castles in the area to a local business which provide activities for children such as a soft play centre. There's a wide range of places within Wales that provide opportunities such as Zip World and Electric Mountain in North Wales, to attractions at various locations in South Wales.

Below you can find an interactive map which has pins to show the location of different attractions in Wales. The map also shows train stations in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Aberystwyth.

Key for map below:-

Light Blue - Train Stations

Dark Blue - Airports

Black - Activities in Wales

Purple - Activities in Ceredigion and Powys

Green - Activities around Devil's Bridge

Wedi cael penwythnos lysh. Diolch o galon

Tynrhyd, Devil's Bridge, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 4QX

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